Principales Traductions en anglais

Cochran, Judy, ed. and trans.  Selected Poems of Andrée Chedid
Lewiston, NY: Edwin Mellen Press, 1995.

- - -, ed. and trans. Territories of Breath/Territoires du soufflé.
Lewiston, NY:  Edwin Mellen Press, 2002.

Goodhart, Lynn and Jon Wagner.  Fugitive Suns:  Selected Poetry of
Chedid.  Los Angeles:  Green Integer, 1999.

Linkhorn, Renée. The Prose and Poetry of Andrée Chedid:
Selected Poems,
Short Stories and Essays.  Birmingham:  Summa Publications, 1990.

Londré, Félicia, trans. The Show-Man.  New York: Ubu Theater
Publications, 1993.  Trans.of  Le Montreur, 1969.

Radke, Judith, trans.  The Multiple Child.  San Franciso:  Mercury
House, 1995.  Trans. of L'Enfant multiple, 1989.

Schwartz, Ros, trans.  The Return to Beirut.  London:  Serpent's Tail, 1989. 
Trans. of La Maison sans racines, 1985.

Spencer, Sharon, trans.  From Sleep Unbound.  Athens, Ohio: 
The Swallow Press, 1983; London:  Serpent's Tail, 1987.  Trans. of Le Sommeil delivré, 1952.

Strachey, Isobel, trans.  The Sixth Day.  London:  Serpent's Tail, 1987.
Trans. of Le Sixième jour, 1960.

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