Listen to Chedid reading Brève Invitée

             BREVE INVITEE

                                     à ma fille

Ma lande mon enfant ma bruyère
Ma réelle mon flocon mon genêt,
Je te regarde demain t’emporte 
Où je ne saurais aller.

Ma bleue mon avril ma filante
Ma vie s'éloigne à reculons,
A toi les oiseaux et la lampe
A toi les torches et le vent.

Mon cygne mon amande ma vermeille
A toi l'impossible que j'aimais
A toi la vie, sel et soleil,
A toi, brève invitée.

(Textes pour un poème, 207)


                               to my daughter

My moor my child my heather
My real one my snowflake my wild flower,
I watch tomorrow carry you off
Where I can never follow.

My azure my April my free one
My life recedes into the past,
For you, are the birds and the lamp
For you, are the torches and wind.

My swan my almond my amber
For you, are the dreams I once loved
For you, life, its salt and its sun,
For you, so briefly, my guest.

Translated by Judy Cochran 
in collaboration with Renée Linkhorn.
(Selected Poems of Andrée Chedid, 69)

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