On Wednesday, June 15, 2011 numerous long-time admirers, writers, artists and friends of Andrée Chedid and her work gathered together in the spirit of Andrée's "fraternité de la parole" at the Librairie L'Harmattan, Espace Méditerranée/iReMMO in Paris to honor this extraordinary writer. Here are some photos from this beautiful, at times, emotional evening full of wonderful memories for your enjoyment.

At the end of the evening, Professor Evelyne Accad sang a song that she composed expressly for this celebration of Andrée's life entitled, "Andrée, je t'aime...." The refrain of her song truly expresses the sentiment we each feel-- Andrée will live on in our hearts: "Andrée, je t'aime...tu es dans nos coeurs, Andree, je t'aime... tu es avec nous, Andree, je t'aime...ton ecriture a bouleversé nos vies." Click here to listen to "Andrée, je t'aime."